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About : About the TransGenderCare Medical Feminizing Program.
Introduction : Introduction to our Medical Feminizing Program.
Regimens : TransGenderCare's specific regimens and dosing tables.
Section 1 : The Biochemistry of Gender.
Section 2 : The Hormonal System. 
Section 3 : The Biochemistry of Sex Hormones.
Section 4 : The Feminization Regimen.
Section 5 : A Look at Medications.
Section 6 : Typical Results of male-to-female hormonal therapy.
Section 7 : Measuring Your Transition — recording body size measurements during transition.
Section 8 : Male Genital Anatomy — a summary review of external and internal anatomy.
Page: About Intro Regimens 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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About our Online Program Guide

Welcome to the TransGenderCare
Medical Feminizing Program.

  • The TransGenderCare Medical Feminizing Program is based on actual transgender medical practice—the Tampa Gender Identity Program—our long-established transgender program which provided medical and feminizing hormone therapies, as well as psychotherapy and electrolysis to literally hundreds of transgender women from coast-to-coast and overseas.

  • Our Online Program Guide contains descriptions of our hormonal regimens that we have successfully used for years.

  • Typical medical strategies that are in place worldwide as well as general medical protocols for the safe use of medications are also contained.

  • A basic guide to understanding the human body relative to hormonal processes—includes an overview of the endocrine system and how the hormonal and chemical systems work.

  • Provides you with the means for managing your transition using the same medical strategies we have endorsed and successfully used for years.

  • A software database application for body measurement and medication logging is available.

  • Our Medical Feminizing Program Guide is free, as is our accompanying database application.

  —Getting Started

  • This Program Guide is divided into Sections. A list of Sections, contained in the contents menu, is shown on the top of each page.

  • Your current location in the Program Guide is shown by the Section number, labeled in the top right of each section.

  • The page numbers within the Program Guide are listed, as shown above. Each page number is hyperlinked, excluding the currently active page. Move to the next or previous page, if applicable, by clicking the page number or a page button.

  • Move to another Section by clicking the hyperlinked Section #  listed in the contents menu.

  • Return to these instructions at any time by clicking, TransGenderCare Medical Feminizing Program, as shown on the path line above.

  • Click on next, below right, to continue to the first Section of the Program Guide.
NOTE: The TransGenderCare Online Feminizing Guide is solely an educational resource. The TransGenderCare web site does not offer treatment.

Please visit Dr. Carl Bushong at for personal help with hormone and transition issues.

Information provided and accessed through is presented in a summary form and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation or visit with a physician, psychologist, electrologist or other health care provider. (See Terms & Conditions.) 

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