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What is Gender and Who is Transgendered?
Gender is more complex than the expression of maleness or femaleness. The complex journey towards one's own personal gender expression is explored and transgenderism is explained. This article will enable the reader to answer the question, "Am I transgendered?"
Gender Expressions
Gender Expressions helps separate fact from myth, addressing key questions regarding transition: What is transition?, Is transition for me? How and where do I find help in my transition?


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F-to-M Sources

With the growth of knowledge and the speed of change in health care, many health practitioners are unable to adequately address more than one specialty area. In the case of Tampa Gender Identity Program (TGIP), we concentrate our efforts on the wide scope of male-to-female treatment methods.

As TransGenderCare.com reflects much of the efforts made by TGIP, our web site is more tailored toward male-to-female transitional information. However, there are a variety of articles contained at TransGenderCare that are of interest to all trans-persons. A short list is contained in the left sidebar.

For further research into female-to-male issues, we suggest the following:

TransGenderCare's Transgender Directory Project (TDP): Female to Male
Our version of Netscape's Open Directory Project which includes over 100 female to male resources.

Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men
Gorton R, Buth J, and Spade D. Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A Guide For Health Care Providers. Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services. San Francisco, CA. 2005. The knowledge necessary to care for transmen before, during, and after transition is rarely taught in medical school or residency. This information is also almost never adequately presented in endocrinology or medicine textbooks. This book was written to fill that gap. Available for download in Adobe PDF, Open Office SXW, and MS Word DOC file formats.


Information provided and accessed through TransGenderCare.com is presented in a summary form and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation or visit with a physician, psychologist, electrologist or other health care provider. (See Terms & Conditions.) 

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