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The information offered here has been derived from the summary data of many treatment encounters through the specialty practice of the Tampa Gender Identity Program (sm), the accounts of various providers, and abstractions from medical, psychological and health sciences data contained in the public domain.

Our Transgender health information offering is not only provided for the transgendered individual, but as well, for other interested parties such as friends and loved ones, and those professionals who wish to utilize our archive of data.

The content provided here is gathered from three different influences:

  • The first influence is based on direct care.  You will find a great deal of information on the practice of male-to-female hormonal reassignment therapy, electrology, and the wide variety of mental health/self-improvement objectives that form the basis of successful transition and life-style change.  This information is based on the psychological practice of Carl W. Bushong, Ph.D., whose interest in transgender care has spanned 25 years.  Electrology information and related issues are based on the transgender electrolysis practice of Kimberly Westwood.  The medical practice methods and therapies involving hormonal reassignment are based on the extensive case studies of Richard A. Martin, Jr., M.D.  

  • The second influence is based on the direct observation of adjunct therapies and treatment that have been provided by other caregivers in the areas of transgender treatment. A variety of treatment approaches and surgical outcomes are examined.  Additional medical, surgical, psychological, and electrology accounts are derived from direct consultation with other transgender-based health care practitioners. 

  • The third influence is based on archival information collected from various resources. These resources include extractions from medical and psychological databases, professional symposia and texts.

In order to protect the privacy of others, all individual accounts described at are based on summary data used in an illustrative manner, and do not represent specific persons, organizations, or events.  

For general information concerning the matter of reliable and accurate transgender health information on the World Wide Web, please review our Accuracy & Ethics Policy.

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Information provided and accessed through is presented in a summary form and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation or visit with a physician, psychologist, electrologist or other health care provider. (See Terms & Conditions.) 

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